I Sail Far Away

leave that island of once lived bliss.
There is no longer room for me.
But at least I have a boat.
A wrecked boat.

The miserable sea cries.
The angry sea screams.
The unmerciful sea hits.
It further wrecks the already wrecked.

With a broken boat,
Shattered to pieces
I sail to arrive,
Far away from the island of forgotten heaven.

Now–––now, I’m alone.
Love no longer desires to keep me company.
It hurts.
It hits.
It kills.

I suffer,
But I sail.
I sail with the pain,
With my crumbled boat,
My broken boat,
Shattered to pieces boat.

Now I’m far.
I’ve gone far.
Oh, so far.
The island is not in vision.

Oh, I cannot see.
Not even a tiny glimpse of the once lived bliss.
It’s gone.
Did it ever exist?

And me?
—Where do I come from?
Where do I go?
I stop, I ponder.

But my shattered boat,
It keeps going.
It battles the dark waves.
It cries.
It drowns in gloomy tears,

But it fights.


Author: Ersa Llakmani

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