Caring for an aging parent

After my mom passed away, my dads memory went downhill incredibly fast.  I’ll spare you the details, but he’s now in a memory care facility.  I have to admit, there are times when I intentionally skip going to see him.  My dad was never a loving, caring, nurturing dad.  But that’s not why I skip my visits.  First, he really doesn’t know who I am.  He generally calls me his “old friend”, which doesn’t bother me.  He then always shows me a picture of our family (which I’m in) and says “what do you think of the picture I had them hang up?  Hard to believe that’s my family”.  Then he will start to get teary eyed about my mom.  That, that is why I have a hard time going to see him.  Even though he wasn’t a perfect dad, okay, that’s being nice….he wasn’t a nice dad.  It’s at the times when he gets sad I realize there’s a lost, scared man in there.   I can’t promise that I’ll always do the right thing with my dad, but I’m trying.


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