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I almost miss my human when he’s gone.  Although he doesn’t keep my food bowl full, he does keep my litter free from my poo and urine clumps.  Given the later, I restrain myself from smothering him in his sleep.

“Almost tolerable” – Tinker the Cat

He scratches my belly and throws me my favorite rope toy. When I get sick from eating rabbit poop he takes me to the doctor. Darin is the best human I know!

“Best human ever!” – Rudy the dog

Darin is an exceptional person. Funny, omg is this guy funny! He’s not perfect, which one of you is? Overall this guy has his life in order. Get to know him and let him know you.

“It’s true I love everyone…but…” – Jesus

I know a parent shouldn’t pick a favorite, but Darin was always my favorite child.  Darin is awesome, ask any of his friends (past or present), coworkers, even people that don’t really care for him think he’s a top notch guy!

“Best son ever!” – Darin’s Mom

Product Conception, Design & Development

Vaporware isn’t in my vocabulary.  I have a proven track record of real life product creation.  I work as the lead architect in a product organization responsible for 400+ million dollars of annual revenue.  One example of my success is the 2012 “Exstie Visionary Award” for the most significant return on investment for a new product – given by HP.  

Project Management

I’ve often been required to act as surrogate project manager for projects both big and small.  I take project management beyond gantt or burn down charts and bring the art of project management to life.  I bring leadership, technology and project management skills together, this sets me apart from a more traditional project manager.

Troubleshooting & Customer Support

I spent more than a decade in the role of front line customer and product support.  This real-world experience sets me apart from many of my peers.  If you’re dealing with a consultant that has never been in the trenches, you’re selling yourself short.   I build amazing solutions because I’ve been on the support side of the equation.  My goal is to build resilient, dynamic solutions that immediately bring value to my clients. 

Custom Software Engineering

I grew up developing software on big iron platforms.  Since that time I’ve worked on both mid-range and a wide array of distributed computing platforms.  The benefit to you is that you’ll never receive a solution that’s constrained by a narrow understanding of technology.  The right solution for your need, that’s my goal!

Team Building & Leadership

Having spent the first 12 years of my adult live in the United States Air Force, I learned the true meaning of what it means to be part of and how to lead a team.  What we often get wrong is that we should all strive to be leaders.  From top to bottom that concept is flawed.  What we learn as service men and women is that sometimes you’ll lead but there are also times you need to be a good follower.  I’ve brought that same focus, “the right team for the job” into my civilian life.  I’ve successfully managed large and small multi-generational and multi-cultural teams.   One size does not fit all, I’m battle tested (so to speak), adaptable and able to bring high performance to a team.


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